Proton Exora Online Teaser – Interior

The cat is out of the bag! Bookings have already begun officially and with the name already published the interest in this vehicle will only increase. Gosh, it’s hard to imagine the launch date is so very close now. If you’ve been to then you’ve probably seen this teaser picture of the Exora interior…

A teaser for the interior
A teaser for the interior

As you can probably deduce by looking at the seat size and configuration, the interior seems quite spacious. I was reading one of the online auto forums and found it so funny that the seat materials and design can be of so much interest to so many people (Proton basher or otherwise!). People, LOOK carefully at the design before passing comments! If you LOOK CAREFULLY then you’ll notice something rather unique about the materials used.

Personally I feel this teaser generates more questions than answers so bravo to the creative team that thought it out! Hehe…


13 thoughts on “Proton Exora Online Teaser – Interior

  1. i think it’s quite spacious for midsize mpv,maybe bigger than nissan grand livina..leather seat design is very nice n looks sporty..bro, if exora add more exclusive accessories like sunroof n full bodykit i think it’ll be hot seller…but of course la the price may increase..make it optional, so people can choose more additional accessories for their mpv..

  2. Wait and see…I should see by myself before make any comment…i also interested on NEO CPS…looking forward to have a view on satria neo CPS this saturday.

  3. the interior is nice, people who understand symetry and balance will appreciate it very much,
    balance is perfection.

  4. proton should add van and lorry to their fleet in order to tap in the third world market before the chinese made scared them away from up and coming brand

  5. 6darjah -> not to worry, it’ll be premium!
    mohdjiman -> hope you enjoyed the Neo CPS.
    tokmoh -> it’s unique because it’s a Proton! 🙂
    prodas -> it’s an optional accessory.
    lotusexora -> noted! but a LORRY? i’d rather categorize them all as commercial vehicles…

  6. Been to taiwan last year and saw some sales outlet selling light commercial vehicles a long side proton, so why not proton make their own to make their agent’s live easier ? This does not have to put in huge amount of RnD and can sell for a decade without any face lift. more important is to have the thunder cat easily visible on the road. I think this might boast some passenger car sales as well.Demands of commercial vehicles in developing country like vietnam and philipphine may well surpass passenger car if proton are to ply their trade there.
    Anyway just a persona view from a web savvy man who wish proton can take on the so call giant on their playing field.

  7. lotusexora -> we’re working on this. it all comes down to what is important for Proton coz we can’t be stretching ourselves too thin. btw, we’re already facing the ‘giants’ head on 😉

  8. judging by the feedback on exora, I think proton is heading in the right direction.Hopefully the parts vendor won’t let down again.
    Another thing is the power-train remains the achilles heel of proton.To comes out on top this have to iron out quickly together with build consistency.The new saga of late you can see the door panel gap is wider now and misaligned of the boot lid causing ingression when washing. I know you are not responsible for this, just to raise some issue that I’ve seen. If you think it’s not suitable to discuss in your blog than just delete it.

  9. lotusexora -> you’re hopes are as good as Proton’s. i take positive criticism constructively so don’t worry about that. not long now before our new baby breaks cover officially…

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