I’m Guilty…

… of neglecting this blog!

Darn, what can I say. Sorry I guess to my loyal readers. It’s been one of those times where work and life has taken over in a frenetic pace. I was in Japan again for over a week and the preps for that plus the after affects took a lot of my time. Usually, for me being overseas leaves me with lots of free time to catch up blogging but not this time! It was touch and go every single day!


This is me.

Walking (staring at the camera actually, and trying to look surprised).

Going back to the design studio after lunch.

Plus it’s very cold!

Okay, I’m blabbering nonsense here so I better knock off. Hey it’s 1 AM so do excuse me! Will update again soon! Cheerio folks!


6 thoughts on “I’m Guilty…

  1. bro, i think you are working for the waja replacement and other jv programme with mitsubishi right now…can u give us some hint of what u are doing right now, boleh ke? sikit2 pun xpe…at least we know the upcoming project from proton..

  2. campromania -> i can but then i’ll have to kill you… haha.
    mohdjiman -> more than i care to remember!
    babaimage -> why ar? i also want to know… 😉

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