Perekabentuk Wanita PROTON | design

Click here ->  Perekabentuk Wanita PROTON | design

We have a few female designers in Proton|design. Although the minority, their contributions are enormous and undeniably significant to the build up of each vehicle design that comes out of the Shah Alam Studio.

The link above leads you to an interview session conducted by Berita Harian about 2 weeks ago. It’s in Bahasa Malaysia so you need to be mindful of the translation of unique terms in Design. Some of them sound downright silly! Rest assured both of the designers tried their very best to tell their story in the simplest possible manner. Hope you find it interesting reading.


6 thoughts on “Perekabentuk Wanita PROTON | design

  1. only two “bunga” in proton design ke bro? the rest all the “kumbang” la ye..hehehe…just kidding..jgn marah…

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