Sudden Surge


I’ve just noticed there’s a sudden influx of visitors to this blog…

It’s not normal…

But I’m not complaining or anything…

Thanks by the way!

Hope you’ve found something of interest here!



3 thoughts on “Sudden Surge

  1. Of course it’s normal when the pics of ur latest work got leaked, even published by a malay mainstream media (MSM)!!

    To rewrite may take awhile, so allow me to copt-pasta what I wrote in paultan:

    I went to Indonesia (stayed at Jakarta, went shoppin ard Bandung) with my frens last week (PS: Djakarta seafood restaurant is a must-visit), man, the Indonesians are CRAZY for MPVs just like how our market is crazy for saloon. Avanza is probably the most common car there, n according to our driver, it sells for 133m rp (approx RM44k++). Another thing, Honda Jazz are also quite aplenty, both new gen n previous gen, my Indon classmates told me it costs ard 180m rp++ (ard RM60k++).

    Nevertheless, I see quite a few Savvy there, n a Gen.2-Persona there Whatever it is, I’d like to say to Proton: GO INDONESIA!! Trust me, this MPV will sell like hotcake!! Hatchbacks n saloons cater more to the higher income group there, so when Proton launch Savvy n Persona there, I suppose they’d like to market themselves as an exclusive brand (I spotted the Persona parked in front of a shopping centre that IMHO is higher-class than Pavilion). But for the lower income n those lookin into practicality, MPVs are the way to go with Avanza n Kijang-Innova. The richer ones who’re lookin for MPVs will get Alphards, even the latest one like these: But Proton MPV may stand a chance to grab some volume against Wish n Stream there, maybe also Kijang-innova.

    On Proton MPV, I just realised the other day when lookin at a Ford Fiesta picture, I think the steering wheel is inspired by F Fiesta’s more than Honda’s. So on that matter, I feel better at the design cuz Fiesta definitely is a looker

  2. tokmoh -> thanks! Indonesia does indeed seem like an interesting proposition… time will tell. Inspiration can come from anywhere, what matters is the execution in meeting the customers expectations.

    ever heard of the saying ‘Good artist copy, but great artist steal’?

    lets not reinvent the wheel… 😉

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