Been Almost 2 Weeks…

…since I’ve updated this blog. Safe to say I’ve had to do some ‘nocturnal’ activities which have taken over my life (ok, not really). But it came close to that. And work has been crazy too… it’s amazing how many things we have to sort out at the office just to keep everything moving like a well oiled machine. But more work is better than no work, so I’m not complaining. What’s making things a wee bit tiresome now is that quite a few of the folks at the office is away in the land of the rising sun so we have to cover others jobs too.

Hey, a belated Chinese New Year wish to all of you celebrating. Maybe it’s just me but I feel this year is a bit quiet. Perhaps the global economic crisis is putting a damper to everyones spirits.

Whatever the case may be, I’m off to a short holiday this weekend. Hope the weather holds over in the East Coast. It’ll be fun. Although I’m not looking forward to the 6 hour drive. Jeepers…

And soon after that it’ll be back on the airplane again.

All things concerned, I got a great piece of news last week. Yes, it will be something life changing. A momentous event indeed. *wink2*


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