Arts & craft for you and me

Wifey just launched her first blog and it is basically a site dedicated to art and design. That includes all things concerned with paintings, graphics, furniture, industrial design, photography, scrapbooking and also all manners of crafts.

Going by online name xyzal, her passion is now focused on the quilting, sewing and patchworks. It’s a cool way of expressing ones creative energy and sometimes it blows my mind how she can come out with such beautiful works of art.

I get a lot of pleasure in getting her references, books and equipment during my trips overseas. Apparently those things are so much cheaper outside of Malaysia. In fact, I was told a lot of those things are down right cheap online as well. Try eBay and you’ll see what I mean.

Point your browser to Cutz ‘n’ Patch and you can view all of those beautiful, hand made works of art. In fact, some of them will also be on sale… 😉

It’s still a new blog so more interesting things will appear in due time. Keep a link okay!


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