The New Year

Hello 2009!

Another year has passed, another year older (and hopefully wiser). Indeed 2008 has been a very eventful year for all of us, for good or for bad the world events have pointed our lives in a direction we never have anticipated.

So, what did you do to usher in the new year? Did you have a quiet one at home? Or was it a family affair? I had a rather jovial countdown with friends over at Cineleisure, Damansara Utama. Good food, great friends, a beautiful fireworks display (i think we had the best seats there). In spite of the ludicrous amount of people around the venue it was interesting nevertheless. Going back was another matter; those silly police roadblocks created traffic congestion like there’s no tomorrow. It took us about 2 hours just to exit Kota Damansara!

Mind you this is the first time in many years that I’ve opted to countdown the new year with the masses. Of late all I’ve been compelled to do is to stand perched over the hill side of my neighbourhood and capture pictures of the fireworks over Klang valley. This time it is me who got photographed…

A great show viewed from a great seat!


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