Shanghai Surprise

Here’s a trivia for you…

Did you know that one can just about fit the entire Malaysian population into Shanghai city? That’s about 25 million living persons in one city! I don’t know about you but I’m amazed.

Since it’s winter and my schedule was packed I didn’t have a time to have a proper tour of the city. But what I did experience did alter my perception of China. Sure, it’s probably not fair to pass judgement from a first impression but that’s the best I can do for now.

China is uber progressive in image building. It knows what it wants on the world stage so it goes all out to be the next superpower. Shanghai was designated to be the hub for finance and all things concerned with China’s economy so it’s no surprise the city has grown by leaps and bounds over just a few years. I was told that just recently about 50% of all the worlds cranes are located here (!?). Talk about a booming economy. Oh, did I tell you Shanghai has its own airline (aptly coined Shanghai Airways) and television station beaming a host of channels to the populace?

I’d love to go back soon. There’s still so much to experience here. I leave you with 2 panoramic images of the new Pudong Terminal 2, another statement of China’s leap into the new world economy.

The check in hall.
The check in hall.
The new Pudong Terminal 2.
The new Pudong Terminal 2.


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