Proton MPV On The Web

So tell me, what do you think of the upcoming Proton MPV? Look, it’s no secret there are bucket loads of spyshots and leaked photos out there. Just string the right words in Google and voila! there they are. Therefore I’m sure if you’re interested in this subject you will have your own opinion regarding how the car looks. Or at the very least how it seems to appear.

I’d like to hear what you have to say. I’d like to know what your opinion is.

This is just a personal request. It’s not official. Just think of it as a curiosity.


22 thoughts on “Proton MPV On The Web

  1. In this day of age, the design seems modern and fresh enough, and still, it goes have some Proton DNA in it, ie Savvy clamshell bonnet, Personas grille (not sure it will be on it officially though) and some other else. The design can be on the safe side but it works nevertheless. .

  2. azlano

    The proton mpv is nothing too radical of Italian exotic, or french playfulness design, its rather honest functional, but with styled ,a pleasantly smooth proton a very careful and continuously unbroken line as it flows.
    It was designed with discipline, and principle that safeguard its extended beauty along with years to come,

    The front end isnt too low like estima, or too high/tall like some Americans. its nice enough to pose itโ€™s a strong mpv with its logical bonnet.

    To sum up the whole composition, the trim of chrome piece just add to its elegance,

    Thank you.

  3. the exterior design of the mpv looks nice and sporty …the led rear light is the 1st in proton model…hope the interior will be more user friendly, practical, simple but stylish…no more cheap plastic in the interior, please…maybe the highline model get full bodykit with bigger rims, sunroof, roof mounted dvd player with lcd screen, leather trim, abs, cruise control and other good stuff…that’s just my suggestion because other competitor do it, so with affordable price surely this mpv is the winner..bro, what is the name of this mpv?

  4. Hi azlano!

    First of all, I congrats you and your team for designing such a nice looking car. As for the MPV, I was hoping for a projector type headlamps for the high-end model. It looks more stylish with it. The reflector type is too simple. Then again, just my opinion.

    Kudos azlano!

  5. i have to say that the rear end a bit too safe.but i think it’s due to some issues with practicality.i can see that all recent car in your stable are having overfenders which i find interesting.

    by the way, prior to it’s launch..u gonna do some proton|design magic to the mpv rite?just like u did on the saga…make an elegent looking kit for the mpv insted of sporty..hehe.or both.haha

  6. I love it! I’m sure many people will buy it not just because it’s a Proton and therefore priced like a Proton but because it looks so good compared to the boring and rather bland designs of the Grand Livina, etc.

  7. slm azlan…
    overall, the look is promising.. but most frenz that i talked about it said that rear design was ‘biasa’… nothing wow.. but they r agree,,front’s look very neo look..have something fresh to look at.. side profile was so so only.. n agreed with campromania n pulge, it needs a bigger rim n projector headlamp.. n price, all waited customers want under 75k(highline) if proton can do it… i promise u with all my frenz, they r patiently waiting fr this baby.all eager..very eager to get one…

    eid mubarak

  8. thank you for all your comments! looking at the pictures the design does indeed look practical. it’s all in the details… this is what i call PROGRESSIVE DYNAMIC DESIGN. your suggestions are noted (except for that baby Grandis comment.. hehe) and you never know, some might even see the light of day!

  9. Azlano,

    Safe design does catch my attention, I donโ€™t really understand what really mean by safe design but I try to put my best interpretation by saying that is itโ€™s a kind of design which is executed in a very controlled manner ,very careful without overly exaggerating or overly over excited about which sometime if wrongly handled it could leave a quirky and overdoing piece of design. The so called safe design main goal is to create a design, acceptable for everybody, at any level in general and its emotionally soothing without uneasiness and conflict.
    Safe design, will counts more on the word pleasant, which could closely be associated with beauty. Its right ,its balance but the interestingly it evolve within dynamism purposely to capture the spirit of sportiness, fast , aerodynamic, motion and elegance. Therefore its somewhat coherent with human emotion and passion, so the โ€˜safe designโ€™ is more sustainable with time to come.
    Differently when we talk about trend. Trend changes which trend is understandably easily pop and easily dated.

    Correct me if something is unright,

  10. Well, for a start, it’s gonna hv normal door rather than sliding, indicators on door mirror, then the headlights are kinda sharp n triangular-ish, n the rear’s gonna use LED (Hurraaay!!) I’ve always thought the grandis is better lookin than estima n odyssey, it’s a pity it nvr literally flew off the shelf. Even after the massive price reduction to rm140k or rm160k, which makes it the most value-for-money big MPV, estima, alphard n odyssey just somehow still sells. Weird. Sad.

    It’s still too inadequate for me to judge any further than that, like the proportion, how “UFO” it is ie remember when City just came out, it looks odd cuz the tyres are kinda very small? Nden whether it’ll look too tall with massive gap between tyre n body, whatever u call that gap thing, most noticeable on innova.

    Oh, I think one of the spyshots show it with a proper rims (rather than just black steel), very similar to grandis’ rims. Smexy!! Will it made it to the production? Dun hv to answer this azlano, it’s just my excited imagination running free, ahahaha.

    But I know this for sure: u made no secret abt Wish being ur benchmark. U made it no secret in a post a looooong time ago of how grand livina is a bit….. cincai. Oh yeah, I’m feeling that confidence u hv azlano ๐Ÿ˜‰ . This MPV is sooo gonna pwn that noobish nissan, muahahahaha.

    Nway, I’ve always thought design is secondary to practicality when it comes to purchasing MPV. The aVANza is the most vulgar “MPV” ever created, n yet it sells. Although, good looks can be a plus point ๐Ÿ˜‰ It means young ppl (pity these ppl) wouldn’t hv to park sooooo far when goin to lepak at a mamak/pub/club/whatever so that ppl won’t see them turning up in a badak air ahahaha. So in a sense, young ppl can hv practicality (for w/e reasons they need sooo big =.= ) n style, n of course, an affordable price. It’s gonna be legen…….

    ….dary!! Haha, watch too much How I Met Your Mother edi ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. tokmoh -> thanks for your commentary… fyi that ‘gap’ thing is normally referred to as part of the wheel to body proportion. and yes, it plays a big part in the overall exterior appearance.

  12. azlano

    i propose a little change on proton’s emblem,
    might be solid chrome releif for bolder and stonger image brand, instead of plastic laminated that could pose to deterioration after some years.

    ok ke?

  13. azzlina -> a logo represents the corporate image and direction of any company, big or small. it should only be changed if there’s something seriously wrong with it, which in this situation is not the case. however rest assured we are looking at means and ways to improve the current quality of the parts. tq!

  14. first of all.. congrats to azlano and their team.. all the car proton builts is beautiful to look at (maybe except waja).. i’m a big fan of proton design as proton have got identity…

    wish you all, all the best and hopefully better things will come from you guys

  15. lompiang -> thanks! we are ever moving forward to greater things…
    azzlina -> as usual, thanks for being a loyal reader of my simple blog!

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