Proton MD Named Automotive Man of The Year 2008

When I heard of this in the news I thought ‘How fitting…’. Indeed, it has been a ‘happening’ 3 years for Dato’ Syed Zainal as he helms Proton through its trials and tribulations. He has put much focus on changing the public perception of Proton; through quality & process improvement initiatives. And through rallying of the Proton workforce he has, I reckon, achieve the targets he has set out to achieve. Recently too, the new Proton Saga was awarded the Entry Level Car of the Year award by CBT and the equally well received Persona garnering an award dubbed as Malaysia’s “Best Model of the Year” at the Frost & Sullivan Asean Automotive Awards 2008. These additions made his award all the more meaningful.

Congratulations from all of us in Proton Design.


5 thoughts on “Proton MD Named Automotive Man of The Year 2008

  1. He deserved this award…look at proton right now, improved a lot in terms of quality…now, i’m so excited to wait the launch of the new mpv…hope this is the best model from proton…good luck to u and your design team too..

  2. Just wondering Azlano…. does he read ur blog? Does he facebook? Does he play guitar/piano/any musical instrument? lolololol.

    Today got article in the star abt Rice playing piano for Queen in London, den that columnist was talkin abt Obama play basket, some other guy gila karaoke, n both our airline CEO play guitar. I’m guessing Tony plays electric, while Idris plays classic 🙂 Would’ve been cool if DSZ is among them, playing…..violin? lol 🙂 .

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