As 2009 Approaches…

Hello December!

In a few weeks it’ll be the new year and time to look back on the year gone by to see what we have achieved (or in some cases, haven’t). It’s been an eventful year for me, and it went by pretty fast too. It seems to me the older you get, the faster time flies past you. It an age thing; the older you get then the more things you have to do, therefore there’s never enough time for trivial (but seemingly necessary) things.

To mitigate waking up one fateful day and suddenly finding myself grey and old with nothing to look back and be happy with, I’ve unceremoniously tasked myself to a few resolutions earlier in the year. They were 5 targets which I told myself I must meet for 2008. As far as resolutions go, you might find this hard to believe but I’m happy to report I have met all 5 targets! ->

I finally got to spend a proper week long holiday with my family (in fact I had more than a week). Our trips to Japan and East Malaysia were fun-filled and well deserved. From this year on I told myself  ‘work isn’t everything’ and it’s family & true friends that will stick with you till the you’re grey and old.

On a seemingly unrelated note I’ve also spent less on gadgets this year, and whenever I did I made sure they were of a real bargain. Hey, old habbits (or hobbies) die hard! Am currently holding back on a lot of nifty things! Hohum…

With regards to reconnecting with friends & family, I’m happy to announce that thanks to Facebook I’ve reconnected to over 300 people. I’m not one to simply add a friend request so most of them are real friends and acquaintances whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Some friends from primary and secondary school were real surprises and I’m ever thankful they still remember me.

Another thing I set out to do for 2008 was to improve my organizational skills; in everything from work related matters to those involving the people around me. I think I succeeded. But improvements can still be made. Everythings hangs upon discipline so I’m certain to list that as an area of improvement for 2009.

So, did YOU meet your targets for 2008? 🙂


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