Of Teambuilding, Viral Infections and SDMC

It’s been a week since my last entry. The ‘interrupter’ of my blogging spirit was none other than the teambuilding session I had last weekend. To think, I was on a roll; creative juices flowing and my fingers itchy to express all the thoughts I have in my cranium! … But alas, it was not to be. Ho humm…

How was the teambuilding you ask? It was so-so. Honestly I’ve been to many teambuilding sessions and this one takes the cake for being the most ‘spiritual’. Yep, sprituality is oozing out of my inner being as I’m writing this. Duh. Sometimes I wonder how the trainers think when they design the modules. Do they ever think of the target audience? Do they ever research into the psychology behind teambuilding? I feel they do (god bless them) but only at a surface level. Really, it takes years to change people so what can you hope to achieve in 2.5 days? Spiritual enlightening? Physical breakdown? Nope, none of that. But rather than be a hopeless sceptic, I have allowed myself to pick and choose the positive points. Most have already been practised anyways so nothing new there.

Enough about THAT. This past week has been very busy indeed. But unfortunately I’ve contracted a viral flu/fever of some sort. Sore throat, flu and the fluctuating fever coupled with the occasional headache. What a package. But luckily I took preventive measures ASAP and after 2 days of SDMC medicine I’m almost fit as a fiddle again. Almost.

SDMC. That sounds a bit odd for old warts like me. We’re so used with SJMC. Safe to say Sime Darby is making its mark in everything, from Plantations to Industrial to Healthcare. Good or bad, time will tell.

Righty ho, time to get some rest. The viral infection has left me kinda weak and in need of more rest than usual. So, this is my last entry for November. Welcome back December.


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