Now is that spelled ‘team building’ or ‘teambuilding’? =)

One thing’s for sure, that’s what I’m off for this weekend. Hrmm… Fraser’s Hill. Haven’t been there for donkey years. Heard the place is delapidated and ill-maintained. Demmit! (that’s a new jargon I picked up by the way). Be it as it may I do hope to enjoy it much like the last one in Port Dickson. THAT was fun.

One wonders why people have these sessions. I’ve been to a few and I find the irony is that the ‘renewed spirit’ doesn’t have a noticeably long shelf life, if you get my drift. It has positive values but only to a few I guess. Depends how you embrace the ‘brainwashing’. Yep, that’s what it is essentially. Deny that if you will but this is one of an organizations initiatives to ensure it’s people are thinking along the same wavelength.

Gotto go now. Many things to do before ‘brainwashing’ starts! Hehe.. cheerio folks! And have a wonderful weekend ahead! =)


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