Rainy Days

It’s raining frequently these days, especially in the evenings. And boy does it pour! And when that happens, here in the Klang Valley, traffic grinds to a standstill whilst motorists navigate flash floods and the occasional accident. Speaking of floods, the heavy downpour made the main road leading to Proton flood today. Heard a few cars were partially submerged. It’s been a ver, very long time since this happened here. I remember the last one was during 1997 or 1998 and we had to use forklifts to ferry ourselves over to the carpark. And many, many cars were damaged.

To those driving do be careful. Make sure your wipers are functioning well i.e. they don’t streak. I use RainX and it’s great. Been using it for years and it really helps me to see better in heavy rain. Also pay close attention to your tires. If they are worn out and the threads are 50% gone DON’T even think of speeding I experienced aquaplanning once and it was scarry. From that day I always made sure I knew my limits and if I didn’t have confidence in my tires then it’s 60 km/h all the way.

So, exercise caution in the coming days (or any day when torrential rain comes). Better to be safe than sorry.


One thought on “Rainy Days

  1. azlano,
    raining, yes lately.
    as usual, im on my way to workplace,
    but i go nuts sometime, i chase the light, first ok, ,,next light, it had just long been red, my inner say NO!
    spontaniously i hit the brake, the car quite fast since its already outrun the first light, and its wet,,
    somehow the car manage to stop without body sway. it decelerate in straight line,
    my tought the car is going to skid further.

    but i could feel the rapid pulse on my brake pedal the moment i brake till the car stopped,

    thank god ,,ABS

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