About My Recent Poll…

“With my background and experience, should I write more about cars and the auto business?”

That was the question…

And now it’s exactly a month since I’ve put up this poll and the results are pretty much conclusive. 60% voted a clear ‘YES’ whilst this was supported by a comforting 30% of ‘Only if you want to’. That obviously leaves a mere 10% which served a blatant ‘NO’… And I have a very good guess why some would vote for that. Read this: “conflict of interest”!

Therefore I have made up my mind and that is to share more about what I know best about. Although that does mean knowing my limitations because I am bound by an oath of secrecy. And that I am also duty bound to protect the interests of this country (sounds BIG doesn’t it? but really it is a fact).

I guess it’s business as usual then! Thanks again to all who took part in the poll. I value your time and honesty. šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “About My Recent Poll…

  1. Your VW Passat CC entry was a good start…keep it up…make it better,more interesting each time…do educate us with some car styling jargon. While posting about A car maybe u can provide some tips for future Malaysian car-designer out t there.

    then do post some coverage about latest proton model AFTER it has been launched..just like u did after the new Saga was launched!

  2. azlano,
    if azlano dont talk about automobil or design, there will be no azlano,

    anyway, you might come up with some teaser on tv, like brief interview, or partially showing part of the new model,
    -as a designer who play the important part for proton,

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