Movie Weekend

That’s basically how I would describe my weekend this week. And it’s been entertaining… Because I’ve been wanting to catch up with all the movies I have in my hard drive. Weekdays are too busy these days to watch anything other than the occasional news flash or an episode of House. Here’s my summary, and I highly recommend them too. Good or bad, that you’ll have to decide based on the genre you prefer.

  1. The Andromeda Strain – A 2 part mini-series about a virus epidemic in the US (where else?). Interesting and also quite technical in terms of the script. A conspiracy theory movie.
  2. High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Now tell me who has not watched even one in the series? It’s such a phenomenon that you’ve probably just watched it out of sheer curiosity. Part 3 is not the best but the same entertainment value as the first 2 still applies. Digestable, especially for teens.
  3. The Kingdom – Intriguing to say the least. Unique take on the war on terror, with a hint of Harrison Ford’s Clear & Present Danger. Gripping in some scenes so definite flick for action aficionados.
  4. Nanny Diaries – Likable storyline with nice narration courtesy of the book. There’s something about movies shot in NYC, they have a magical look to them. Lighthearted and sweet is probably the best way to describe this movie.
  5. The Incredible Hulk – Another one… there are a lot more cameos in this installment as there are CGI. I did find things going a bit bland throughout. I think the best bit was the last, right when Tony Stark entered the scene and signaled the coming of The Avengers!

There will be more soon judging by the gigabytes of movies I’ve yet to view… Heroes will certainly be high up in the list!


One thought on “Movie Weekend

  1. i watched Andromeda Strain and i have to say i not attracted to the movie…but that just me.

    as a medic student..House is very entertaining for me, the facts in the series aren’t always true though…

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