The Volkswagen Passat CC


That’s how I would discribe the this car. It is a harmony of lines and surfaces rarely seen on other makes other than perhaps Audi or Alfa Romeo. I guess Walter de Silva’s touch is evident in these makes and one can see the connection.

VW Passat CC
VW Passat CC (image courtesy from

When you first see it I’m sure you’ll be taken aback and left wondering where it came from. Were it not because of the badge, you might mistaken it for something Italian. The Passat CC is lucky because it’s DNA is taken straight from the existing Passat which is a beautifully proportioned car; taught lines with great balance of volumes. One might say the base Passat looks bland but because it got all the visual basics right, you can only appreciate how well the styling was done. Come the CC, multiple the sports factor by 10 and you can’t help but want to drive one.

The lines are crisp all over and the volumes right where they should be. Mind you, VW is one of the few auto companies worldwide that can control metal that way. Here, technology marries design perfectly.

Certainly up there in my admiration list πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “The Volkswagen Passat CC

  1. azlano
    vw car is great i saw one the golf,inside dash is tells you its functionality.
    overall some say its safe design, some say its lazy design, but one thing i realize, this kind of ‘careful design’ ,the car will stand the time nothing akward or too out fashion after generations.

    but for this CC ,its coupe 4 door is somewhat do not strike me.
    because the rear end is not as strong jaguar XF or lexus IS which the actual body form looks as if it dives,

    4 door coupe in silhouette is not as dramatic like the ,well the cabin give the sense of smooth air flow,
    so the trick is, its body lines is sculpted in a such way giving a notion of ‘dives’ without the form actually does.

    i dont say its bad, because its now a trend like mercedes and bmw,
    but if we take porsche or audi ,the expression of dynamism is not by lines ,but by its being, the form.

    its just my personal view. probally im too conservative, but thing for sure designs evolves, trend changes ,and what from the past will come back, later on will go. and back,

    probally next style will have a small headlight,

    sorry azlano am i saying ok, no proper school for this lah,

  2. i never seen Passat CC here in Ukraine, i wish i can see it in flesh.Some car looks good just in pics.Based on pics I have to admit that the CC is good looking, nothing awkward,nothing radical, easy to my eyes.These traits make me think that is not a car for me …i prefer something radical, fierce, but not lavishly sporty, still having the elegance element. most probably because i’m still in my early 20s.

  3. The Merc CLS still looks better to me, eheheheh.

    Somehow I can’t see the image….or bcuz it takes ages to load it. My advise: it’s always better to host any image yourself (whether at imageshack, photobucket etc) rather than linking it.

  4. no doubt, each person has his or her own preference when it comes to car styling. but what most people forget is that there are segments in car design that dictate the look & feel of each product. due to this people sometimes compare a C Class to a Civic, or a 3 series to a Waja. Sad but true.

  5. finally, today i saw the CC in person. it looks bigger than the Passat..maybe because of the sleeker curvier roof line…BTW it looks better in person.

    ppl in Msia doesn’t really care about car segment, they just want the best thing for least amount of money.OR worse,they know nothing about it.

    lack of reading<—main culprit.

  6. sorry bro, off topic it true that new waja is only a rebadged mitsubishi lancer? Or it’s only sharing platform, transmission, engines and other technical aspect with proton own styling?

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