President-elect Barack Obama

Well, I guess we all saw i coming. He is officially the president-elect as the upcoming 44th President of the United States. With 251 electoral votes versus McCain’s 172 it is a strong showing indeed of what the American public wants as their leader.

But I wonder, after 8 long years of the Bush Administration, will there really be significant change to affect those outside the US? It’s public knowledge that Senator Obama lacks the experience necessary for foreign relations. Which is probably why he picked Joe Biden as his deputy. Whatever the case may be, the world waits with baited breath to see if the US will now back down from being a ‘world police’ or continue to be one. The Middle East especially will want to see if changes will come to grant them more peace and stability. Personally, I’m sceptical. I believe Mr. Obama is a nice enough man to let his inner self be the catalyst in winning the seat at the highest office in the land but being nice isn’t gonna win foreign relations, or stop escallating oil prices, or mitigate the global financial crisis. Even our very own PM is in a quagmire for being.. ‘nice’. God bless nice people but hey, it’s not about being nice. I think you’ll agree with me that ‘nice’ doesn’t make a great leader.

So, we will wait. And see. Hopefully next year will yield a better time for everyone. The quote ‘When America sneezes, the world catches the flu’ still holds true in many aspects so lets hope for the best. Join me will you?


5 thoughts on “President-elect Barack Obama

  1. we all hope president Barack Obama & deputy Joe Biden will ” change” America as their promise…just wait & see…no more war on terrorist/muslims & make sure US economy back on track..

  2. ditto! world leaders are urging the US to change the way it does ‘business’ and to be more of a partner than a police. time will tell.

  3. greetings sir,
    talking about nice and good leaders, how about Datuk Syed Zainal, current CEO of Proton? how would u describe him ? especially from your personal experience working under his management. 😛 tq!

  4. zzua45 -> seriously, do you really think i’m gonna describe to the entire world what i think of another person? that’s for me to know and for you to speculate.

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