A Week In Japan

Nagoya shinkansen terminal
Nagoya shinkansen terminal

Well, where do i start? Most of it was spent traveling and with work but somehow this time was kinda fun. Me thinks it’s because I was accompanied by 2 others who share the same kind of interests i.e boys toys! hehe.. I dunno, I guess being able to share prior experiences with friends gives me a kick. Having been here so many times before means I get to be a tourist guide of sorts. A cheeky one at that…

I’m a gadget person, I profess to that. Here in Japan it’s a haven for all things gadgets so normally I would always come home with something in my bag. But this time it’s different. For some reason I have quite a few Gundam related things in there; models, stands, miniatures… They’re all presents for now but I can see the attraction! There’s so many to choose from and they are markedly cheaper than back home. Where to get them? Zip to DenDen Town in Osaka’s Nippombashi district and you won’t miss the 7 story Osaka Gundam. I also came across radio control models (by virtue of a friends little run around in Osaka) which is definitely interesting but too much of a high investment hobby to add to my already long list of expensive hobbies. There are a few shops here which specialize in them and everythings costs much less than in Malaysia. And if you’re into paintballing or BB guns, here it’s for sale en masse! Really cool replicas along with rows & rows of accessories is a must visit for those in the know or in need of such things.

What a week; 7 days, 5 shinkansen rides, 3 hotels and 1 bus excursion. Amongst other things. We had beautiful weather with sunny skies and cool sub-20 degree temperatures. Can’t wait for the next one! *wink2*


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