Sticky: Should I Blog More About Cars?

I’ve been getting requests to write more about the thing I do everyday at work. Regulars here will remember that was the case before but after getting my statements construed as facts in other sites, I decided to pull the plug and offlined my blog. After all, blogs which write about cars and the like are a dime a dozen out there. So now my blog is really about other things important to me and not just about my work.

Am I being too selfish? Am I being prudent so as to not create conflicts of interest on my part? Do take this poll and tell me what you think…


12 thoughts on “Sticky: Should I Blog More About Cars?

  1. well, i think u should post more about car,in term of styling in particular. As u said,there are many auto related blog out there but you can write blogs that focus more on design language,their significant,philosophy and trend.this may provide some usefull and interesting facts to seems to me that malaysian prefer non-radical design car,and i think it’s due to our lack of knowledge of the car styling knowledge…i believe u hv the power to change it.

    last but not least,dun forget to post something about latest gadgets!

  2. azlano,

    why not, this is part of tool to educate people about world of automotive industry,

    another picture by the way, not that good anyway

  3. Azlan,

    Until today

    I never crossed an auto blog from perodua’s staff neither naza, inokom or so called local car ‘manufacturer’

    or even staff working as their vendors

    If you stop writing about your most passionate thing here

    Where do i get input? and how about many others?

    Please write more.

  4. agree with maruorsa n azzlina, you u should keep on blogging about cars…we will support u n will keep on give positive comments…

  5. Azlano,
    To have a blog itself by a very own designer is of course prone to comments and critisized, while critisised sometime came from people who are looking the subject within their own perspective based on surrounding and context and culture, and one understanding towards the subject.
    Automotive design is something that is to be learned, the technical part of it, and art of it, and it takes years and years and sometime it is from the other side of continent. And all around the world,

    Not to say that people are unappreciative ,
    But very very few people can use the word like inspired from, or influenced by,
    Or many people perceive art as something which is rendered and colourful or colour rich.
    Not to say that people know no art,
    But that is the hard part,, to let people know ,and understand, ,,

    just wont get it,

  6. hmm..this poll has gone live for over 3 weeks now and the result is clear. i now know what i should do, albeit with caution coz i must always know my boundaries and obligations.

    to everyone who voted and especially those who gave their sincere opinions, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. i sincerely appreciate every single one of them!

  7. Hi, first time here. Never thought to come across with a proton styling designer well bro, working in RnD is quite a challenging.

    I’m still studying design. But why don’t just blog about car design. I’ve tried to give comments of perodua cars lately. Can’t wait to see the new MPV soon.

    At least you can share the secrets of the styling design of the existing cars. What’s the concept and inspiration to design the Saga, Satria etc. People usually talks about the specs and performance yet few talks about design.

    I think I’ve met one of your colleague doing sketches on the last Proton Tech Week. Maybe it was you. hehe

  8. myadlan -> thanks for stopping by! i’ll definitely think about what you (and everyone else) have commented. secrets? nah, can’t spill the beans…

  9. azlan,im looking forward for the 1st post about car styling after the poll.make it informative ya…
    btw,this is my photoshop of the upcoming MPV….still learning about car styling…n philosophy

  10. I think I got problem with my eyesight. isn’t it the patented low-res drawing is not a perspective view? the proportion looks weird..

    btw maruorsa, nice rendering. maybe you can put proton logo on the grill

  11. maruorsa -> don’t hold your breath okay! 🙂 it will come intermittently…

    myadlan -> Patent drawing are always in isometric.

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