Post Hari Raya Post (get it?) ^_^

I couldn’t resist that.. not that it’s that funny or anything. Anyhoo, 2+ weeks have passed since Hari Raya and things have mellowed down a bit. Sure there’s a few open houses to go to but basically holiday’s over so it’s back to work time.

The backlog of things to do at the office is mad! There’s sooo much to follow up and things to complete this week. Me guess that’s the bane of going on long holidays. The past 5 days at work was really tiring and every evening was just about having dinner and going to bed.

It’s the weekend now so I finally have time to update this blog. And of course going to the multiple open house invites we’ve been getting since last weekend. Courtesy of that too means I’ve been pigging out on lots of food! Oh well, it’s all good! Today was particularly interesting… Will probably fill you guys in on it later. Safe to say it involved meeting Tun Mahathir and some of his family.. 😉

So, how was your holiday?


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