Hari Raya Stuffings :)

I’m stuffed.

Bluearghhhh… been binging on lots of ketupat, lemang and rendang all day. It’s customary I know.. even when we lived in the UK this was also the norm. Something about being Malaysian me thinks. These things are spicy and ‘hot’ so if you’re not careful there’s a tendency to get a sore throat and tummy aches. Visits to the loo can be very stressful… 🙂

It’s late afternoon now and things have developed as they always here every first day of Raya. Gatherings between family and plenty of food & drinks.

I also had a lot more sms’ this year wishing my family and I Selamat Hari Raya and such. I also made an effort to send out a few hundred sms’ to friends in my contacts directory AND reply with thanks to every sms I receive. It’s awfully nice of everyone. Thank you for taking the time to remember. I also had a few surprises reading the messages because some of them were very personal and contained feelings so deep I never thought could come from the person.

In my next post I’ll try to remember to share with readers some of those sms’ which I feel are unique or just plain funny! Till then, toodleloo…


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