Hari Raya Eve

Yep, tomorrow’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri and the festive atmosphere is felt almost everywhere you are. Except if you’re in the city. Like I am. Ok, maybe I’m exagerating a little. The lights are there, the decorations and sounds of Hari Raya permeade most of the malls and almost every channel on tv captures the spirit. But still, it’s no kampung ambiance. Far from it.

I’ve been on Raya leave since last Saturday and one thing that I can’t understand is how many people there are still around! Gosh, aren’t you guys supposed to be on your merry way or something? Like, balik kampung? Or go on holiday? I was at Ikano, Ikea, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and everywhere was the same. Perhaps the trend is changing. Perhaps people are more comfortable now celebrating in the city. Oh well.

Okie dokie, it’s almost time to break fast for the last time this year. In some ways it is sad. Looking forward to Raya tomorrow. Tonight I have to drop by Taman Tun to get some lemang.

Have a good one peeps!


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