My Mazda RX8

No silly, it’s just a model! Got it as a gift from wifey a while back but didn’t have the time to build it. Another reason is coz i wanted to make sure my daughters were also in the fray when I do. This kit is basically made of die cast metal and plastics, is in 1:24 scale and made by Motor Max. It also comes in 2 other flavours and you can get them from any good toy store.

The kit is interesting because what you get is a bare standard car which you can (if you wish) upgrade to a street racer, bling-bling variant. All the other accessories for the upgrading comes in the package (including a purported Phillips screwdriver which I never could find). The manual is picture based so there’s no language issues to get confused over. My advice is for you to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job, especially the Phillips. It has to be one of those minute types used to tighten spectacle joints. And also not forgetting patience and skill in putting those fragile water based body stickers! I actually tore a few due to post application adjustments. Bummer!

Here are a few shots of this activity…

Model building
Building the RX8 with my children...

3 thoughts on “My Mazda RX8

  1. azlano,
    model car is interesting, for me as well, walk around the shopping mall, stop by but actually sometime it take me long just to look at Maisto or Burago or Mejorete or what even the Hotwheels,
    im just like a kid,strange me,

    one of the model car i like is the vw beetle, old beetle.

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