1 Terrabyte To Play With!

Actually in excess of 1TB when combined with my other external hard drives. This particular Buffalo DriveStation is a bargain actually, got it for about RM500 at Low Yat Plaza.  It’s USB2.0 so it’s ok, not as fast as FireWire but ok. It also has this thing called Turbo USB apparently to boost I/O throughput by a claimed 23% over conventional USB 2.0 but honestly I don’t feel it.

One would think it’ll take forever to fill 1TB but in my case it’s already half used up! Most of the disk space is used for my notebook backup (via the included Memeo Autobackup software) and all my photos & videos. Digital photography especially takes up a lot of bits & bytes, more so if you shoot in RAW.

I would definitely recommend a unit such as this for anyone who invest in digital content. If you have a lot of data (photos, videos, movies, work files, etc.) then I strongly recommend you get one as a backup solution as well as a one stop centre to manage your data. Personally I feel it’s small enough to lug around once in a while, is very quiet and well built. One great thing too is that it can be connected to a compatible NAS server to extend your wireless storage hub (which I will certainly do next!). Sweet!


5 thoughts on “1 Terrabyte To Play With!

  1. Last PC fair, I saw a Westerd D external 1TB for RM500 too!! But my budget oni RM250 max at that time, so I got myself a 320GB instead, boohuhu. It’s constantly getting fuller with moar animes n Jdrama, muahahaha. Pictars? Hmm….gotta get myself the Canon EOS 1000D first then 😛 And by that time, I’ll gotta for a 1TB then 😉

    Nothing’s ever too much. 2 years ago, 250GB was like the ultimate, today 1TB, next 2 years perhaps, we might be seeing a 4TB HD? 😛

    Btw, hv u ever heard of eSATA? It’s said to be able to transfer at up to 3GB/s!! If this Buffalo is a SATA type, u can definitely use eSATA!!

  2. tokmoh -> my next upgrade will not be a bigger HD but instead i’ll invest in a RAID system or NAS server. eSATA promises a lot but remember it only works if your entire setup is optimized to suit the system. otherwise it’s like having a Full HD tv but using a RGB cable… duh!

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