This is total disappointment. Really! I’ve been trying to break fast at this venue for a while now but never got round to. Simply because it was always full. BUT this time out of sheer curiosity I was compelled to do whatever it took to get a seat in that restaurant! One wonders now if that was a good idea…

If I were to sum up my entire experience there it would be in one word: QUEUES. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for discipline and general rule of law but here it’s taken to ridiculous proportions. To get it one has to queue from around 5:00 pm. Be forewarned that the counters do not open till about 5:45 pm. Once you’re in you can’t really reserve a table. Unlike Pizza Hut, here you have to physically wait at your seat or else someone might nick it from you. You could, however, leave your belongings there as a reservation sign but then would you really take that risk?

Low and behold, if the waiting isn’t enough you then need to take another long queue to get your food. You could take it early but who would want to eat a cold meal anyways? Not me. Be prepared to queue for about 45 minutes to an hour. What annoys me is the way the buffet is arranged. You’d think the restaurant management would know by now how to mitigate the long queues, this being the 2nd week of Ramadhan and them having done this sort of thing a few years running. Why oh why couldn’t have they done crowd dispersion? Food could have been arranged in a non-linear way to avoid the queue from jamming up.

It’s sad to hear the break of fast announcement and you’re still mid-way in line after almost 45 minutes queuing. Another thing is the buffet is labelled as having ‘local and western’ dishes. Duh! Forget about the usual Ikea favourites like meatballs, sandwiches & desserts. 95% of the food is local. But thinking back, what do you expect from RM15.90 right? Oh well…

Here are some pictures to illustrate my grievances!


5 thoughts on “Ikea’s Ramadhan Buffet

  1. i went there during weekdays n there’s not much people. No queue at all. Weekends might be jam packed as theres no tomorrow

    1. nughol -> weekdays are definitely more tolerable! but i still won’t go there coz the food isn’t worth it. on another note, it’s incredible to see that my post from one year ago is still being referenced! kewl…

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