McCain vs Obama

I’ve been following the US Presidential campaign trail for a while now, not out of sheer interest in American politics but more of trying to understand the process in gaining access to the Oval Office. No doubt it is very different from Malaysia’s procedures in appointing the Chief Executive of this country but in a lot of ways one can learn plenty from the event unfolding.

I find the concept of electing the person and not the necessarily the party a very tempting solution in creating a strong, stable govenment. McCain and Obama each have their own agendas and ultimately, when you put aside all the rhetorics, it’s their personal character, beliefs and future aspirations which supporters buy in and vote for. Now that’s the power of influence in it’s most purest form.

Have you watched excerpts from the Democratic or Republican National Conventions? I have great interest in the way each of the speakers talk and present their stories. Their aim is nothing more than to enlighten and fire up the audience to finally endorse the party nomination. And by gosh they do it with flair and in an ambiance that nothing in our local political scene can come close to matching. It ‘s very theatrical I tell ya.

And then there’s Sarah Palin. Sarah who? The current Governor of Alaska was just recently nominated by McCain to be his running mate, therefore stands the chance of being America’s first woman Vice President. How about that? I’ve watched her delivering her speech and read a bit about her endeavours. Very interesting might I say. In my opinion she has the candor, eloquence and charisma to definitely hold the job. It’s just that I feel she would be better off with Obama. Obama-Palin vs McCain-Biden would sound so much more interesting. In any case, I feel both Obama and Palin would bring the much needed change for America. Both are ‘young’ and enthusiasic, does not have excess baggage from Washington and have backgrounds which are not so ‘purely American’. The world needs leaders like such.

Well, there you have it. A Malaysian writing about his views on the current Presidential race. Only 60-odd days left before the USA welcomes a new Commander in Chief. Hope the next four years will be better for everyone, both in North America and everyone else influenced by them.


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