The MPV Spyshots…

… is p***ing me off. Why can’t some people respect the trust given to them to protect company property? Is it really so difficult? Signs are everywhere, advice is given constantly and instructions are clear. Duh! This is absolute ignorance, nothing more nothing less. Either that or simply an act of defiance.

Whatever it is, I’m p***ed. And I’m going to catch the bl**dy idiot who spilled the beans. And when I do…

Hmm, anybody know where did I put my AK47?


45 thoughts on “The MPV Spyshots…

  1. relax bro, sabar bulan puasa ni…the design looks good..front end is similar to proton msx or nissan murano, side profile look like wish and rear like nissan suggestion, make the rear chrome shorter like toyota wish, the rear wiper like satria look more stylish and simple..last but not least, make the front bumper more sportier..

  2. azlano,
    i think spyshot suppose to be spyshot then its acceptable,
    but when its from inside, its unethical.

    what can i say,…… welcome to malaysia

    but sometime we have to see on the bright side of it, ……..its the heat and excitement,

  3. azlano…, sorry for you for the leaked photos. I guess because of the eagerness of us Malaysian to see our own designed MPV that prompt who ever that was to do what he did.

    To be fair, overall the design does look good and I believed will be accepted by most Malaysian. But for my own self actually I was expecting a bit more. For e.g. the downward curve of the rear end window is a bit too much for me which make the side profile looks awkwardly tall at the center. I also preferred a more apparent wheel arc which will make it less conservative and sporty as portrait by Mr. Theophilus Chin on Paultan blogsite. I have no qualms on the front looks but the rear does seems a bit similar to livina but the chrome lining do make it more distinctive. Of course this is just my personal preferences… šŸ˜‰

  4. agreed with ampromania… design wise.. soooo many people waiting fr this mpv.. but thay r worrying bout the engine.. 1.6?? can it handle 7adults in it.. what i can read from frenz n forummer, thats all.. if 1.6 is ok, make it more torqueyyy… myb our fren azlano here will be our PR hehe..

  5. azlano,

    the more i look at it, the more i like it.
    definitely minimalist, yet very stylish, strong appearence as frontal design curves dynamic, not too femininly low slung as a result it has a bold stance,

    a successful design,

  6. Sabar Azlano, polis kata jangan… bulan puasa must bnyk bersabar, nnt pahala kurang šŸ˜¦

    It’s abt 6 months to go before the official launch, right? I’ll be waiting ^_^

  7. to all -> ni dah cukup sabar la ni… tq for your comments; as long as they are constructive and honest then i’ve no problems listening to them. in any case, none of the pictures or illustrations do justice to the design. it’s best to judge it in the flesh…

    just a little longer Malaysia! *_*

  8. mr azlano,

    well, .. what can I say, I personally looking forward to own my very first MPV to cater for my growing family. Me, my wife, plus 2 hyper active siblings and one little baby can no longer fit into my 5 years old Waja. Livina..? been into one and looks like too small in case I need to take along my in laws. $tream and Wi$h are way too pricey for my limited budget. RIA and Citra,..? .. I’d rather wait for the all new Rondo but that might take like another 5 years I guess.

    So now I am going to put my eyes on this one, Proton MPV-09 or whatever DSZA may decide to be the appropriate name for it. Do you have any clue on how much it will cost, for both base line model and top of the range loaded with accesories..?

    need to start saving now i guess šŸ™‚

  9. madimat -> sounds like you know what you want. don’t worry, it will affordable for a vehicle of this size.
    6darjah -> simple designs are the hardest to do šŸ˜‰
    azzlina -> now why would i shoot my most ardent readers?

  10. azlano, I share the opinion of hawarey and most Malaysian. We are a bit worried about the capability of the standard campro cps 1.6 to pull off this size of mpv full loaded. Even it is possible to pull it, but then how about the fuel consumption. If possible give us another engine option e.g. the cps with turbo or 1.8 engine sourced from Japanese makes (if there is no campro 1.8). At least if not possible, then proton have to improve the cps 1.6 max torque and adjust it to reach peak value below 3500rpm. Then maybe it can improve the fuel consumption.

  11. i just read the proton annual report and syed zainal said proton send 51 engineers to Korea for joint development MPV is that mean this project is a JV with korean car company??? or maybe i was wrong probably what he meant is the joint develop with consultant company lg-cns(v-ens) haha

    quote from the annual report:
    “The year under review saw a total of 51 engineers from Vehicle
    Engineering and Production Engineering being sent to Korea, for
    a joint development initiative for a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).”

    and it also good to hear from the annual report that proton going to put side and curtain airbags as standard and also to ensure 4 star ncap for all future product..

  12. ndeo -> it’s all about power-to-weight ratio so don’t be influenced by pictures. i don’t think anyone aside from the development team knows the actual kerb weight yet. therefore like any other vehicle, one must test drive it before making an honest judgment.
    thecordwainers -> i don’t think any OEM in their right mind will JV in a co-development of a rival vehicle.. so the answer is clear. also, do digest whatever you read with a pinch of salt.

  13. Hi Azlano,

    I believe this MPV have a great potential to be a top seller IF:

    1) Proton fix the relatively poor interior design in most of proton`s car . Maybe some weaknesses will be shadowed by better accessories.

    2) Proton fix relatively HIGH FC of its engine ( this is the most important part )

    3) The price is right . Do not repeat the mistake of savvy to myvi. Remember, proton will go head over head again with perodua MPV or even Livina

  14. Well, let me see…., Toyota Wish 1.8 1ZZFE4 specs are such.. power:130bhp @6000rpm, torque: 170Nm @4200rpm with 1300kg of kerb weight. The CPS on waja specs.. power: 125hp @6500rpm and torque: 150Nm @4500rpm. To achieve the same power to weight ratio as the Wish, the proton MPV have to be 1250kg or less. Much less is better as the cps is a bit behind in terms of torque.

    Judging from the kerb weight of waja which is about 1200kg, It will be indeed a feat for proton if they manage to achieve the above kerb weight spec for a much larger vehicle with at least 4 star NCAP rating. But this is not impossible as the news says that proton is using a totally new platform for this MPV, right?

    Well, I guess I just have to wait another 6 months to get the answer to this then.

  15. ermmmm. sorry azlano. out of topic.

    New honda city has been released in Thailand. The new design is delicious. I hope u can design a car a lil bit radical as what honda did compare to the current safe/simple design


  16. kucau…, I think I have to let azlano answer your question. By the way, I said 1250kg or less. Not 1200kg or less.

    6darjah…, I purposely compared the kerb weight with the Wish, as it is the primary benchmark for the proton MPV. Remember the earlier spyshots of test mule with Wish body suspectedly powered by the CPS1.6? Proton must have chosen the Wish for test mule as their objective is to build an MPV with the size/weight comparable to Wish, not the Livina.

  17. cont,

    any chance to test it?

    just an opinion,
    japanese design tries to reveal plastics, while european trying to show steel, well it might be too generalization of what i see or perceive..
    do you have any comment on my opinion,

  18. kucau -> we’re listening… composite body? lavish…
    ndeo -> noted!
    azzlina -> you can test it next year! your opinion is not accurate IMHO. but everyone is entitled to his/her thoughts. we are very detail about our trend & benchmarking studies. remember, we’re being practical for the people.

  19. @ndeo, i understand and agreed with your opinion

    in terms of interior space, the new mpv is larger than its rivals. if you notice, passengers shoulder overlaps in these mpvs.

    by any means, of course Wish is more powerful but still they have livina 1.6 as other comparisons.

    if i’m the salesman i would say this car is cheaper and better than livina 1.6 to potential customers.

    when perodua building [or assembling] myvi they benchmarked against jazz. but still myvi is less powered than jazz and somehow came savvy. easy target.

  20. proton is no more “syok sendiri”…now they are learning from their past hopefully this mpv is the best model from the proton stable..just wait n see..

  21. Azlano,

    The interior up to Citra II Rondo’s class or slightly behind? Rondo’s interior really nice for the price, even put Wish’s look so cheapo. BTW, all the best for the MPV, god willing another success story for Proton like another Persona or Saga II.

  22. 6darjah -> this new MPV is way better than the Livina! šŸ˜‰
    karlshamel -> guess you have to wait and see.. eventually it’s a matter of individual taste.

  23. azlano,
    just my opinion, in comparing proton mpv with nissan livina,
    i take for the outlook of the car for my comment,

    what i found about livina, if i look at the rear the car looks rather not exciting, plain with quite a long overhang is less to describe as active or youthful or in a simple word ,not a sporty look.

    front is garnished with plastic panel, as opposed to a solid design with punch through effect in designig the protons grille or opening for example,

    and side profile of the nissan is flatter add to the tail heavy effect, to me its undesireable, and old,
    the shoulder line of the proton dives from the rear to front is add to its dynamics carry over to the headlamp and almost a V shape bonet (APX), is fluid and i would say sporty in arodynamic terms as the car as if cuts the air and enhance some downforce effect visually.

    Anyway this is solely my personal view, not influenced by anybody,

  24. yup! ppl say the new mpv copy @ similar from this and that model

    as for me, the new mpv is a lot like MSX which were designed by proton’s own designer.

    is it you azlano?


  25. azlano,
    eer ,the price of the proton mpv i belive its competitive,
    i put my guess..
    its at higher 60s and stop around 70sK. or fair to say around 70s,

    betul tak?

  26. salam, bro..i got the testing spyshot…also with new satria it cps version or special edition version? the rear spoiler looks like the satria neo desire concept car..

  27. campromania -> i removed the link as i feel the pictures are unsuitable for this personal blog. pls remember this is not an open forum.

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