Malaysia’s iTunes Store

I chanced by this as I was fiddling with my iTunes app. The indicator for me was the availability of suport for Malaysia. Finally! Without hesitation I promptly tried to log in using iTunes, and it certainly seemed easy enough. Just remember to change your credit card billing address to a Malaysian locality and you’ll be laughing in minutes.

But there’s a catch… you’ll instantly notice that it’s not the full fledge iTunes Music Store. In fact, it’s no where close to the one you get in the US. What we get here is what I would call the iTunes iPod Store! That’s right, all the available service caters for iPod & iPhone only. You can buy games, applications and also update your iPod firmware. Not bad, but I would be more happy to be able to purchase songs, movies & TV shows too.

Interestingly, you’ll notice the iPhone support bit. I’m guessing this is because it’s arrival on our shores is imminent. Talk about Maxis being the sole distributor has been rife over the past few months so I’m hoping it’ll materialize.

Hmm.. time to start saving!


3 thoughts on “Malaysia’s iTunes Store

  1. interesting…before it’s too late, Selamat Hari Merdeka & Salam Ramadhan to you & also the others…Merdeka!!

  2. Maxis suck. They make the iphone like a product that are not for all.. better the goverment look at this. Apple also need to look at the prospect.. what dont let us download music from us store.. we pay isn’t it… i buy an ipod touch 64 from apple store and it’s gret.. but no movie and music for download.. suck.. i pay you la apple

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