Weddings Galore!

Yep, last few weeks was that time of the year again. Wedding bells were ringing everywhere! I’m sure most of us were also involved in at least one of these events, either as a guest or the working team (family, friends, friends of friends, office mates,  etc). Now, I had 8 invites so that created a bit of a problem! Most of them happened on the same day too… I was also asked to cover a friends wedding. It was to be an end-to-end coverage spread over 3 days. My oh my, THAT was totally exhausting and exciting at the same time. I’ll share the photos when I’m done editing them.

One thing though.. having gone through the wedding process with my friend sure brought back memories. The havoc, the joy, the exhaustion. But most of all, it made me realize how sad I will be when the time comes for me to give the hand of my daughter to the man of her life. I saw how emotional the bride’s father was when it was his turn to meet her on the dias. It was like the moment would last forever and everything around them just froze in time. The hug was long and full of pent up emotions. I must admit it brought swells in my eyes.

I’m really looking forward to my next assignment. There are always interesting stories to tell and capture as a photographer, and I feel blessed to be part of all of them.


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