Look! No Traffic!

It’s absolutely stress free going to work the past few days. The week long school holidays have reduced the morning rush dramatically so like most motorists about town I’ve been able to cut down my travel time by a cool 10 minutes.

How I wish everyday could be like this. But recalling back in the late 1990’s I remember being able to get from TTDI Jaya to my office in about 9 minutes (in the distance of about 9km!). And that was before we had the ELITE elevated highway! Of course at the time there weren’t so many traffic lights and cars to slow everything down. Now, the same journey will take me no less than 20 minutes.. even if I sprint at 120km/h on the highway! Bummer.

Well, I guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.


One thought on “Look! No Traffic!

  1. azlano,
    but inter-state highway there are quite some traffic, but not bad.
    anyway, do you go for family vacation somewhere locally, take a blast on your Wish? he..

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