What Could Have Been Malaysia’s First Olympic Gold

I was following up on Malaysia’s developments in the ongoing Olympic Games and as expected local shuttler Lee Ching Wei has taken centre stage. His success in giving Malaysia her first Olympic medal in 12 years simply has to be applauded. Of course it would have been stupendous if he won the gold but I guess the jitters got the better of him. The lack of mental training and exposure in events of this magnitude will certainly rattle the nerves of any unprepared athlete.

I do hope the BAM will reorganize their efforts in getting the juniors prepared for London 2012. The news is that the coaches will be reviewed. And the coaching system too. As it is, the existing talents do not have the prowess to take on the big guns just yet.

To Ching Wei, enjoy the RM300,000++ you’ve earned. Just don’t let it get to your head. Remember the last time we hauled the Thomas Cup? After all the glory, prizes and incentives the Malaysian team never got back their focus. A pity really.

Less than a week of Olympic action remains folks!


One thought on “What Could Have Been Malaysia’s First Olympic Gold

  1. still waiting for malaysian’s 1st gold medal and who’s the lucky ” jutawan segera “..azlano, lee chong wei is the correct name..maybe it a single typo error..hehe..jangan marah ye bro..

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