I’m Worn Out…

Oh, do bear with my absence for a while. I need to get my life back on it’s normal track. It’s been crazy over the past 3 weeks. First was the run up to the Technology Week. Then came the Japan trip. No sooner have arrived home I ran smack into the Tech Week itself, which was a physically and mentally draining. Fyi, my body finally gave way 2 days ago and my back suffered a bit of trauma. After today’s external course (yes, I actually forced myself to finish off this follow up session.. oh, the humanity) I promptly visited Subang Jaya Medical for treatment. So after 2 weeks of continous standing, talking, explaining, periodical shouting, running around and mental fatigue I’m finally in for a bit of rest.

On a lighter note, a few hours ago the Beijing Olympics was officially open. My, what a dramatic torch run. Awesome. And in a few hours I will be at a wedding which will be the first of many this month.

Gtg. Time to rest my back…



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