In Between Meetings…

… is time out to explore and soak the atmosphere. Yesterday was tiring but totally satisfying; I went against my body signals which told me to stay in my hotel room and rest, but instead travelled to the big city. Today was more laid back, a few hours of intense meetings and then it was back to the streets!

Yesterday I got hold of something totally unexpected. And spent a bomb on it too. But I reckon it was a worthwhile investment for a future endeavor I plan to do. Life is so full of surprises don’t you agree?

One thing I love about walking about in Japan is that I feel safe. Always have. This enables me to walk away from the normal touristy places and in due course, find interesting things. Walking off the beaten path is truly recommended when you’re in a foreign contry. It’s like the meals you have when you’re in another country, it should be in the tune of the local taste right? I believe one should do what the locals do to really appreciate their lifestyle. Otherwise you might as well as stay at home and watch the Travel & Living channel.

A ferris wheel smack in the middle of Nagoya city. Cool...
A ferris wheel smack in the middle of Nagoya city. Cool...

Today I got hold of a mixture of things for the family and I’m glad I walked off the beaten path. My Yen definitely went a long way than usual. Everyone says Japan is expensive but if you shop wisely and do a little bit of research I’m sure you’ll think otherwise. Where was I today you ask? Quite simply a retail park which had rock bottom discounts (off season stuff of course), an electrical store with a little bit of everything from computers to household appliances (I found the new Dyson vacuum cleaners!), a book market which even sold gaming titles & hardware, and finally a huge supermarket.

Right, it’s now 12:43am local time which means I have to disengage my online mode. Hafta grab an early bus ride to the airport in 6 hours.

Malaysia here I come!


One thought on “In Between Meetings…

  1. azlano,
    well sometime, going places, relaxing in the hotel is stiffying enough if we’re stuffed up with,,,bla bla.

    i got a niece who came from japan, ..with cookies, mm im not sure i can eat that, or it just me,

    enough for that,
    i happened to stumble with an engineer, a guy, mechanical engineer. god,, guys always nice to me.
    he was so keen to talk about engine which is not rally my line,
    but i remember what he said,

    -a good engine is where the engine is continously tuned (probally real time tuned) throughot the engine load, is batter than stepped tuned,

    well its hard to compehend but i seemed to get some idea maybe..
    hope to see him again to explain more,

    bila balik semula?

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