Postcard From Japan

This has got to be the HOTTEST experience I’ve ever had in Japan. Man, I think I almost fainted walking the street. Plus, my sore throat didn’t help.

But seriously, now I understand how people can actually die from heat waves or heat strokes. The air is balmy, hot and dry. Extremely dry. In Malaysia it isn’t too bad because of our humidity but here it’s a torture to the mind & body.

Hope tomorrow won’t be so hot. Or as long as we stay indoors it would be fine.

A Kodak moment in front of the Apple Store in Sakae, Nagoya.
A Kodak moment in front of the Apple Store in Sakae, Nagoya.

3 thoughts on “Postcard From Japan

  1. I find it funny that you say that because in my experience, summer in Japan (anywhere from Tokyo to Kyoto down to Kyushu) is extremely humid. It’s the kind of clingy, sweaty, oppressive humidity that makes you feel disgusting and like you want to shower every five minutes.

    To say you’re used to humid and so dry heat is difficult, that I can understand. But to say that Japan’s summer is “dry”? That’s a separate story…

  2. Seriously?
    In Japan?
    Really unexpected.
    I’m having a fever right now and i couldn’t really imagine how i can endure that condition. x.x

  3. toranosuke -> i guess different people can feel differently about the same things. my comparison is between the actual feeling at a particular day in Nagoya versus a more humid tropical weather in Malaysia. i’m pretty sure it’s a lot more humid in the latter than the former, therefore implying the Japanese summer as ‘drier’…

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