Proton Technology Week 2008

It’s here again! A time where most of the inner sanctums within the Proton Shah Alam factory and research & development centre is open to the public. Note these dates peeps: 2 & 3 August 2008!Β  That’s a Saturday and Sunday nine days from now. The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia will officiate the event and also flag off Proton’s 3,000,000th production car.

The tagline for this event is Journey Through Technology and it will be a week long affair. Having said that, the actual public days are only on the dates mentioned above. On the other dates it will be by invitation only. So, what’s it all about? Since Proton is a national car company it has to support CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities and this is one of the best ways to showcase its technologies to the public. This is also a good opportunity to allow people to see what goes on during the development of our cars. Some future technologies which Proton is working on will be on show. One opportunity not to be missed is to view the design & testing facilities we have around R&D as well as the new Saga assembly line.

This will be a big event, even bigger in scale from the last one done a few years back. In case of unfavourable conditions, do dress lightly and bring an umbrella too. There will be stalls selling food & drinks so travel light. Selected locations will also sell merchandise and there will be exciting carnivals for people of all ages.

Do bring your family and friends to visit this rare event! I will be on standby at the Proton|design studio (Styling, R&D) all day during the event so give me a holler if you see me!


31 thoughts on “Proton Technology Week 2008

  1. 2nd & 3rd,
    see if i can make it

    any vague gilmps of the proton empeeveee,?
    or newer engine to come to tackle the issue?

  2. azzlina -> do give me a shout when you’re there! πŸ˜‰ … also, as advertised you can catch “A glimpse of Proton’s first MPV”!

  3. azlano,

    “A Glimpse Of Proton MPV”,

    hey, thats really stir excitements,

    eeeerrr 1.6 and 1.8 i belive im telling the truth, right azlano.

  4. Where is this picture taken? The plate no. does not use the normal trade plate often use by proton for car testing. Almost looks like siamese plate no.

    I cannot recall any current mpv in the market using the same front grill as in the picture. The silhoutte does look similar to Wish but there is an opening in the front bonnet which indicate that the engine is using forced induction. As I recall, there were rumours that the new Proton MPV will be using supercharge campro 1.6 as the engine. But this could also be an old photo of Toyota Caldina.

  5. Hi azlano, i m an architecture student from USM. Currently doing my final year thesis and my thesis title is Automotive styling, design & development centre. I m very glad to hear about the up coming Proton Technology Week! Actually I had planned to make a visit to your plant in Shah Alam for my design research ^O^!I wonder whether I can make a deep research during the public open day?Is there any tour guide accompany during the visit?what about photo taking, is it allowed?Sorry of asking too many questions…Thanks in advance.

  6. azlina & ndeo -> speculations! guesses! won’t be long now… πŸ˜‰

    shanzi -> eh?

    hahachin -> come visit our site this 2nd & 3rd! do as much qualitative research as you want.. there won’t be any dedicated tour guides but our staff will be at hand to answer any questions. good luck!

  7. what about this, meter:

    2 LCD panels, 1 on rpm and the other on speed meter.

    Gear position on the right LCD while fc on the left

  8. btw hahachin, can i comment about ur thesis title?

    imho, that topic is too wide, u need to be more specific


  9. thanks bro…i am a graphic designer…funtasticko design is my company..if u don’t mind i wanna u to share some tips how to be a good designer…i know u have a lot of experience and ideas…nice to know u bro..

  10. hai azlano!!!i’ll be there 2moro!!!same as hahachin, im a architecture student from UTM also in final thesis topics is all about the discovery and museum for proton…really need ur help bro…for hahachin, i think we need to meet at somewhere bcoz of our topic and also our studies in architectural not hesitate to call…if there any ideas among forumers about my thesis, really appreciate ur helps guys!!!!thanx

  11. dear azlano..thank u coz spending your time chit chat personally with me yesterday..sorry if i disturbing u…hopefully we will meet again soon…i’m very impressed what u n ur boys done for proron design..keep on ur good work..hope someday proton can beat other car maker in terms of design..bro, i hope u can give me another chance to visit proton design again..may be special invitation from u..if dont mind la..boleh ke bro? u can e mail me…xpuas la tgok r n d proton semalam…jauh tu datang dari kuantan…anyway, thank you very much..

  12. azlano
    its hype i know,
    so sad i couldnt make my way there,
    something on last minute, really a frustration.

    any other chance?

  13. campromania -> glad to have met your acquaintance! πŸ™‚
    azzlina -> the next Open Day is probably a few years away.. but i’m sure Proton will hold other public events. stay tuned.

  14. dear Mr. Azlan.
    first i’m new..and thanks to proton for such for good efforts..
    i went there last week.
    but i want to comment something..
    -proton only show their process and hope PIC to explain it.
    problem: the PIC cannot entertain all the people. 10 people come…only can entertain 3 or four in one time..
    -and proton not convince the visitor by written figure. for example.. proton only explain the durability test window regulator… but for me is better to give people about the number of market claim decrease year by year… convince me more..i think la..
    2. proton not take feedback from visitor…only autograph ..i think is a golden opportunity to hear what opinions from public about proton and what their want from proton.

    hurm…but overall it is a great event for malaysian…
    hope better event by next technology week.
    thank you.

  15. azlano,

    i really fall in love with satria neo, but im still waiting if the model comes with cps, i know the car i like since i tested one,

    but one thing i would like like to suggest for more driving pleasure ,just when i put my hand on it, like below

  16. azlano,
    I happened to see a satria neo special edition,, tell me that its not you designed its body kit,
    because…..i got a feeling that its not your touch,

    I just play play, inspired by those of what you said is partly true. anyway, its only just a little expression of my crude drawing.

  17. azlano,
    here i would like beg for forgiveness because sometime i m a bit too far ,like posting sketches, commenting this and that, that could unprofessionally intrude someone speciality in specific area, where im just happened someone a fan of car and design ,without proper knowledge or commitment or obligation towards the matter, i simply commenting that would of course be inappropriate.

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