Chawan @ Bangsar

I was surprised to see the mamak restaurant disappear from that infamous corner opposite Bangsar Village. In its place is this modern looking kopitiam. Hmm.. “modern kopitiam” sounds like an oximoron doesn’t it?That being that, I was tempted to check it out and see if it is worth a visit in the future.

The setting is nice but a wee bit bare. With rustic wood and cement being used all around it isn’t difficult to feel its yearning to appeal to the affluent. I ordered roti bakar, keropok lekor and a round of drinks typical to kopitiams. I’m sorry to say I’m not pleased… the bread was stale and paltry. The keropok lekor was even worse; too much flour so it was almost like eating gummy sweets. Urghh… Fortunately the waitress’ recommendation for ‘not so strong’ kopi was good as the Kopi Muar was full of flavour and smooth. The range of kopi beverages is quite impressive here so you will be spoilt for choice. And the teh tarik is also quite good; not too sweet but still full bodied.

So, not such a great first visit. By the way, the prices here a quite high, even by kopitiam standards. But I guess Bangsar being Bangsar this becomes acceptable. Go figure.


4 thoughts on “Chawan @ Bangsar

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