Day In A Daze

What a slow day I had today… so this post is really about reflecting than anything ‘heavy’.

* slow…

If you’ve been following this blog then I’m sure you have noticed my movie reviews. Quite a few lately. So this proves that I am a true blue movie buff! I guess like many people, I just enjoy to removing myself from the complexities of life and enter the superficial realm of celluloid. That reminds me, gotto watch Hancock soon.. =)

* slower…

Do you ever notice that I use the word “that” repeatedly in my writings? That’s a trait which I simply have to eradicate, me thinks.. Coz it doesn’t promote clarity in the thought delivery process. Deep…

* slowest…

Hey it’s Sunday ‘kay! So gimme a break! Where was I? Ah yes, ramblings… I love Tintin. Do you read them? I first read them in primary school and was instantly hooked. In fact, I finished the entire 22 comic books pretty soon (and even covered the adventures of Jo, Zette & Jocko and the unfinished final episode entitled ‘Alph-Art’ too). And now I feel thrilled that my eldest is also loving the adventures so I’m making sure I get all of them for the family library.

Ok, enough banter. Feeling sleepy already… ^_^


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