It’s the title of a movie ‘kay! I would describe it as a symphony of bullets & blood. Definitely 18SG. And I think it’s probably rated R in the US. Maybe… Safe to say the blood splats reminds me of the movie 300 and THAT is definitely rated Mature.

I wanted (pun not intentional!) to watch this as I was very intrigued by the trailer. It has the kind of speed and angles like The Matrix; simply high octane action. And it does deliver in this context. From start to end it’s action all the way. Bullets, cars, blood, pyrotechnics, etc. Mind you the storyline isn’t fantastic.. this is not a mental show! It has its loose ends and some things don’t really make sense but I guess that’s what happens when you try to showcase ancient tradition with modern day fiction. Try to appreciate it for the mindless gore and you’ll be fine!

Caution: IMHO this isn’t a movie to show kids, simply because it is a quite violent and graphic in its depiction of murder & death. Fancy seeing bullets flying in slo-mo and piercing someones head? .. Now you know what I mean! As for the actors, Ayou might think that Angelina Jolie is the central character but rest assured she isn’t. Me thinks her star appeal is predominantly being used to create hype and mileage to get ticket sales. Her character is very shallow and superficial, even when compared to James McAvoy.

What I do like about Wanted is the graphic novel feel of it. The fast action coupled with impossible camera angles in slo-mo is certainly a cool orchestration in CG and post-production. Like that bending of the bullets thing.. cool but the execution is a tad bit theatrical.

I would recommend this movie for action or sci-fi buffs, nothing more. In this area it does deliver brilliantly. Looking for something with more depth? I’d say Kungfu Panda is better! Really!


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