Proton Persona & Satria Neo Receives The Malaysia Good Design Mark

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This was the other award I wrote about in my previous post! To me this award is directly connected with my design team, something we can be proud of and appreciate. Indeed, after being in existence for over 10 year it is kinda strange Proton only got this accredition now. Let bygones be bygones, I do hope this won’t be the last and every year will be represented.

I was told that other manufacturers in the automotive line also vied for this accredition but did not make the cut. Probably due to intellectual property rights issues. You see, to be able to secure this award the product must display a certain amount of local / Malaysian made intellectual property. Simply put the products must be largely homegrown; designed and made in Malaysia!

I’m glad Proton won this award as it shows what we’re capable of. I’m glad to be part of the team that designed the two winning cars. But most of all I’m glad this accredition came at this point in time. Couldn’t have been more perfect… πŸ˜‰

As for next year, the new Saga perhaps?


31 thoughts on “Proton Persona & Satria Neo Receives The Malaysia Good Design Mark

  1. azlano,
    satria neo is really beautiful in road presence, i love it,

    i got a chance to drive on a winding road, excelent road holding

    a few thing, for the neo facelift maybe,
    1, smoothened the angular bit on the dashboard,
    2, bucket seats are good, but need to be widened,
    3, power window switch to be repositioned,
    4, folding seat should be recaro style,
    5, thumb grip on the 9 and 3 oclock spoke should follow the shape of the thumb,

    engine ,of course i will talk to engine department for more early push,

    very very good looking car,
    bravo azlano,

  2. azlano,
    like theking08 said, …ye ke?

    last week i talk to a guy, proton salesman at Giant,
    he gave me a key of a persona to test it out, it was manual with iafm,
    quite punchy, just that the brakes a but mushy, overwhelmed with the interior.
    oh goodness, every time i go to car showroom or sales booth,

    ‘boleh I test drive tak?’.

  3. azlano,
    as i look aroud, proton car is very good by design,
    clean, simple and beautiful, by design, with certain driving characteristic or driving experience in different model,

    it would further enhance the love for proton if the heart or the engine of proton cars is refined another step ahead,
    nowadays people are looking at this as the fuel consumption become a big issue,
    we have iafm or cps for instance, but if i jump in a toyota or nissan i can feel how refine and responsive the engine. that allows the car to cruise with more relaxed engine, probally to me thats economical. but than capable of performance as well,
    well probally their car is lighter and vvt in, that =economy,

    but proton a bit solid a bit heavier, compare the same category of other car,
    but if the very well refine engine to catter the characteristic of the proton cars,
    look, handling, performance, and efficiency can be acheived

    so the next step ‘engine refinement’

  4. azlano,

    i saw a waja cps infront of me, the car surge briskly when the light is green.
    wow that cps is not bad,,
    eeerr that solid neo if it cps, i would want one,

    mmm what colour would suits me, with my near neutral pink 3 piece suit,?

  5. azlano,
    i would like to make a little constructive comment here,
    i guess.
    there are parts where we constantly in contact with hands, apart from the steering, which is ok. things like gear knob, some inside door handle (silver) should not be painted, its easily shows it wear in no time, i suppose its should be solidly in its own material color, no paint applied at all.

  6. azzlina -> actually there’s no harm to apply paint to frequently touched/used areas (this is common for other OEMs). the key is in the quality of the paint application.

  7. azzlina -> the Neo CPS is a kewl car. looks menacing and the Campro CPS can really give it a mean drive. worth a test drive!

  8. im still hoping satria neo gti with campro turbo will come out soon…with new look n bodykit, 17 inch wheel, brembo brakes, recaro seat, vw golf gti inspired steering wheel with paddle shifter,air intakes at bonnet hood, large intercooler n many more….that will be a real contender for evolution, golf gti n impreza…hehehe…2010 perhaps…after waja replacement..campro turbo is ready for production in 2010 kan bro…

  9. Me too!! High 5, campromania!!

    Neo CPS looks dam cun, bt when I think again on how its rivals got >200hp (Golf GTi, Focus ST)….. suddenly Neo CPS feels too “mid-range” in terms of power. It feels like it can go for more, it’ll be cool if that 1.6 Campro CPS can be turbocharged to 180hp!! *Cheering for CPS turbo*

    Bt nvrtheless, in comparison to say Swift sport, it’s definitely kewl!!! Now both hv same hp bt Neo CPS abt rm40k cheaper πŸ˜€

  10. Encik Azlan, I wonder why doesn’t Proton really use the design award as a marketing tool? Although the Good Design award is locally known only by designers in Malaysia, if Proton does enough exposure, the the public will know more of Proton’s achievement.

  11. Encik Azlan.

    Passed by a Persona facelift on Kesas last Tues. Wondering why it uses Gen.2 bumper because imo, the old VW front is not the ‘in’ thing now accept for other make’s MPV that have blackened their from bumper.

    And I believe your team can do better. Is it because the Gen.2 sales can’t justify the vendor’s margin and that’s the reason it need to be shared with?

    On the other hand, Alza’s bookings have exceeded 5k I guess and in terms of design I believe market is now ready for something that looks progressive and [mildly] aggressive. Something that Alza have, so do the Forte. And I also believe bulk of the market now prefers compact and practical segment over sedan. Just look at how the Jazz, Picanto etc are doing in the global market.

    Except for Savvy, Proton don’t have that except for the global city car project.

    Prior to Alza launching, Dato’ Syed mentioned that it’ll be minimum effect for Exora but that 5k bookings [and counting] of Alza is a lost to Proton and it’s stealing Saga and Persona sales.

    Perodua benefit the most in gov protection as there’s no direct competitor with its Alza and Myvi.

    Quite worried here because I believe the segments that I’ve mentioned before is the road for future. And Proton have no plan for the segment, as I’m concerned.



    1. 6darjah -> rest assured we have done our homework before finalizing any design therefore we can anticipate the best from the buying public. regarding sedans vs small cars i believe there is room for both to co-exist. P2 has their strengths, and P1 also concentrates on what it is good at. do you know why P2 was created in the first place? look it up and you’ll know what i mean.

      and another thing, who said we’re not looking into A-segments?

  12. azlano,
    proton model that is being develop in China will it to enter our homeland.
    because i can feel the excitement of proton car by 2011.

  13. azzlina, i think the car will not enter our market because the car is left hand drive & specially develop for China market only …betul x Azlano?

    i heard Proton & Mitsubishi will collaborate to produce global small car..i’m very interested about the 2012 persona replacement, can u give us some clue about the styling bro? 1st of all it must have european look kan.. πŸ˜‰

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