Proton Persona Is Best Model Of The Year!

Yes! Another feather in Proton’s cap! Last week the company was awarded by the reknowned consulting group Frost & Sullivan for its Persona as the Best Model of The Year in Malaysia. I can tell you it was a great feeling to have worked on that project and be part of the team. No doubt it was a team effort! But you know what’s really brought a smile to my face? It’s the fact that all the styling was done by Malaysians here on our own backyard! Sweet…

To quote Malaysia Motor Trade online -> “The Proton Persona was named the ‘Best Model of the Year’ in Malaysia as it has received positive responses from the Malaysian public. “This achievement was even more commendable given the fact that the Persona marks a turning point for Proton, which resulted in an improved brand image as well as enhanced public trust and confidence towards the company,” added Kavan Mukhtyar, Partner & Head of the Automotive & Transportation Practice, Asia Pacific.
“The recipients of the 2008 Frost & Sullivan ASEAN Automotive Award have clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership in their own market segments,” he said.”

But another award will be even more meaningful for me & Proton Design. And that award will be presented to us tonight! Stay tuned…


One thought on “Proton Persona Is Best Model Of The Year!

  1. Congrats Proton!! To date, I still think it’s the best looking hatchback-based saloon, compared to some other hatchback-based saloon which can be……..”challenging”, eheheheh 😀 .

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