PROTON Family Day 2008

What a day.. I’m tired, I have a headache and have acquired a mild sun tan!

Honestly I have never seen such a scene during any of Proton’s family days. Today was pure havoc (with a capital H). I think the organizing committee didn’t anticipate the crowd; I heard over 20,000 people came. But surely, someone must have known the issues commonly associated with handling such huge crowds in a confined space. From finding a parking space to locating a spot to ‘park’ in the park, it was painfully slow and congested. I really pity those who came from far away and brought along elder members of their family. I was a bit late but somehow was lucky to get a parking spot close to the park entrance, but imagine those who were denied entry earlier and had to park a kilometer or two away just because the security/traffic officers couldn’t manage the crowd. This year I refused to participate in the activities fully simply because there were too many people around. It was like being in a market.

I think people only stayed to see if they were lucky enough to win one of the lucky draws. Or simply to entertain their kiddies. I sincerely hope the organizing committee will do a post-mortem so as to not repeat such an occurrance again.

I did have a nice time taking photos. Here are some..



3 thoughts on “PROTON Family Day 2008

  1. Hi Azlano,

    Saw your fellow colleagues in blue shirt near Sunway Resort Hotel when I reached office after the company team building trip on Sunday afternoon. Was trying to look around but didn’t see you. hehe.

    From the photo there was really a huge crowd, hope you have had a nice time enjoying photo taking 🙂

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