Kung Fu Panda

Hilarious is the word that best describes this movie! What a fresh take on the genre we’re all so used to watching (albeit in live action). This comedic animation is simply a joy to watch not only for the kiddies but for adults of all ages too.

Jack Black is perfect in his voice over and in giving the audience a feel of being a big, fat Panda. His character, Po, reminds me of Mr. Blacks other comedic venture called Nacho Libre. Those of you who are familiar with that ‘wrestling’ movie will probably see the resemblance. The gist of it is basically about how simple and unasuming characters can make a difference in this world, only if they believe. I mean a slow, lumbering Panda as a heroic kung fu expert who ends up saving the world? Really?

The storyline is so unpredictable you will simply have to stay so you can make yourself believe Po can do what he’s supposed to do. The witty dialogues coupled with realistic animation of the facial & body movements of the characters will surely keep you glued to your seat! And bursting with laughter! So, this is definitely a must-watch movie this year and I’m sure you will remember it NOT just for its colourful protrayal of the genre but for the wise decision you made to go and watch it…

A 9 out of 10 in my books!


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