Indiana Jones Part 4

Indy 4 poster

“Everyone is a critic” is what they always say but I feel Indy is still the epitome of coolness! In spite of his age there’s still a lot of energy left in him to command presence in a movie such as this. I know quite a number of people analyze this movie from top to toe, and find all sorts of faults in it. I think you’ve got to view it with an open mind.

This movie isn’t really about reinventing the genre. Or the winning formula which made the first 3 movies so successful. It’s about reliving every idiosyncrasy which makes Indy, INDY. Get it? I’ve been a fan ever since day one so I am familiar with the traits which make it so captivating. The music (bless you John Williams), the special effects (Industrial Light & Magic) and the art direction. But to the new generation, it also had to have some sort of appeal. I guess that’s why Shia LeBeouf is cast. And not to mention the ‘out-of-this-world’ ending!… *spoiler alert*.

The storyline is action packed with lots of throwbacks to past Indy adventures. The only thing I found a bit annoying was the obvious use of CGI. Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to use green screen but not till you can SEE it’s green screen. This is the strongest difference when compared to the first 3 movies.

A great movie? Probably not, but definitely watchable. Indy fans will love his return as will new admirers for his do or die attitude. 3 our of 5 from me!


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