I’m Still Here!

I’ve been away for most of the past week. Plus the school holidays has taken a lot of time from me in terms of having to spend time with family & friends.

Allow me to recap on a few key things:-

  1. Teambuilding retreats are actually beneficial to break the emotional & personality barriers between us. It’s keepng the spirit alive which is difficult…
  2. Kung Fu Panda will be a surefire hit this summer.
  3. Telephoto lenses with Vibration Reduction is a must for any photographer! And don’t forget to have a good iTTL flash as well!
  4. I’m getting closer to experiencing the Segway… 🙂
  5. My E90 is working fine again! But the prospect of the up coming iPhone 3G is tempting.
  6. And lastly, the recent petrol price hike in Malaysia is going to lower our standard of living considerably. I sincerely pity those lower income earners who rely on fossil fuel to move from point to point. And in the immediate future, I know we will all feel the rising cost of food, groceries and daily amenities.
  7. Facebook is still a great platform to reconnect with friends!

I’ve got more trainings coming up soon so expect intermittent posts from azlano 2.0, but rest assured ‘I’m Still Here!’.


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