Proton MPV Image Scoop

A mere 0.5 seconds.

On national tv.

During prime time news.

No comment! Hehehe…


11 thoughts on “Proton MPV Image Scoop

  1. azlano,
    i got the feeling that, the true image of the proton mpv is conidential,
    what might have shown by the media just suggestive,
    probally proton allow the media to snatch some of picture of the very initial stage of how proton would think of the mpv,

    what the media shows, is not a true development of the actual mpv design which is wery well kept at the moment,

  2. azlano,
    really that ,it stir my excitement and overwhelmed when or if a frozen moment of development, the beauty of incompleteness while in progress to be glimpsed will not be as sinful by right of secrecy.

    boleh tak?

  3. Recently, got news abt MD Syed Zainal saying the MPV is on track n will be launched ard 9 months from now. If it can be launched on 21st March, it’ll be the greatest b’day gift for me: seeing another history in the making, lolololol.

    Polis kata jangan. Got a veteran motor journalist kene tahan at Bukit Aman last time when Gen.2 prototype img leaked in the net (not snapped by him). He only took it and display in his forum, tak pasal2 he kene interrogated 😦 Today, I can definitely see he’s the other national carmaker fanboy, eheheheh.

    But today things are better than those days. The new boss is more open, n he didn’t do anything at all when S.Neo, Persona n Saga were snapped n showed in the net……I think. lol

    But then again, they were snapped in the open road. At most, maybe Azlano can tell us when n where the prototype gonna do road test so that u can become paparazzi n wait to snap the prototype, ahahahah

  4. sorry bro disturbing you…

    i got this picture from malaymail online and cari forum..this is only concept scale clay model but i think the prototype and production model is similar to this with some tone down to lower the cost..looks good..kudos to you n your team..front fascia look likethe new honda stram with proton design language..correct me if i’m wrong..

  5. campromania -> sorry to disappoint you but i don’t think Mr. MD would have been foolish enough to pose next to a future product! 🙂

  6. i got this pictures also…maybe it juat clay model but if compared with the mpv bodyshell displayed at proton technology week it looks almost the same..comment bro…

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