Looking For Car Stylists & Designers!

If you think you’ve got the right stuff…

Click HERE to apply online. Trust me, that’s a much more reliable way to apply than sending your resume to a P.O. Box! *wink2* Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Looking For Car Stylists & Designers!

  1. that’s my dream job,and it will always be a dream.Bcause im not qualified to apply…..a fact that i have to accept.haish

    been doing photoshop rendering of car most of the time….here some examples
    below was the impression of a savvy sedan which was done by me before we have spy pics of the blm.

    and my old impression of an SUV by proton

  2. btw back to the topic…car stylist is my dream job but unfortunately im not qualified to be one.

    not talented enuff..here is some examples of my work

    this was done when the rumors of BLM started to circulate around the net
    and below was supposed to be a proton suv

  3. azlano… arkitek can apply ka? hahhaha… hope u’ll find a good designer… so tht proton can uplift it’s design image / branding…. not tht skrg nyer design buruk, but still, Proton need to improve meh..

  4. azlano
    means that to increase the number azlano’s team?

    by the way this a waja impression ,,dont laugh, i know its silly,

  5. naaimzee -> if the shoe fits, why not? we believe in Kaizen so not to worry…

    azzlina -> we’re expanding hence the recruitment drive.

  6. hopefully proton can have the capacity to launch a new model and at the same time the facelift is ready and the next generation model is in sketches.

    all the best to proton!

  7. Azlano, the new mpv: side profile of wish and grandis, front [bit of VW] and rear of APX..! it was appeared in TV3 last nite

  8. Hye. Say if there is one guy, who did his internship in one of COOLEST automakers..do dis guy gets better percentage getting dis job???

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