Prince Caspian

Having watched the first (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) I had somewhat high expectations for this movie. After all the first had a great story line, impressive scenes and cool CGI. Part 2 unfortunately had me feeling a bit unimpressed.

The story is set 1,300 years after the departure of the 4 children aka Kings & Queens of Narnia and a lot has changed. The kids obviously haven’t aged as such but you will see Edmund & Lucy have all grown up much noticeably than Peter & Susan. This different setting is probably the disconnection which made part 2 seem like a totally different movie from the first. I don’t mind changes but a disconnect in storyline is a bane of sequels, something the likes of Spiderman has brilliantly avoided.

Having said that, there are some nice points to share. The cinematography is as good if not better than before. It managed to bring the viewers right into a particuar scene from the perspective of the characters (exemplified in the duel scene). And its nice to see a lot more light hearted scenes; jokes are abound! The best bit I feel is to observe the growing up of Lucy. Impactful, mature acting is probably the best of the lot.

So, watch this movie is you’re a fan of CS Lewis or Narnia. Or simply to indulge in a fantasy world filled with centaurs, dwarves, talking rodents (?!) and lush scenery. Don’t watch it for Prince Caspian! He’s wooden really. Definitely something to bring your kids, nephews or nieces to!


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