Malaysians Love To Interupt…

I think so anyway. But I’m quite sure most of us have at one time or another gone through this experience. It happens every day and i find it quite annoying. Whenever you have a conversation with someone, the likelyhood of an interuption is quite high.

And these ‘interuptors’ have their own distinct style; most hover around you till you give up and switch attention to them. Some are even more direct and just barge into your conversation. Others just do it the silent way and hand something of importance (at least to them) right in your face.

What happened to simple etiquettes like saying ‘excuse me’? Is it really that hard? Or just waiting on the sidelines till their turn arrives. I notice these simple acts of courtesy is missing in our daily lives here in Malaysia. And it shows also in the way we drive on the road, the way we queue (if we do queue) and even when we open doors (where we don’t seem to want to hold it for the person behind).

Simple acts of courtesy really…


2 thoughts on “Malaysians Love To Interupt…

  1. Ahh……that’s soooo Malaysians 🙂 . You know, I found this hilarious joke some time ago, and I posted it in my blog, have a read:

    Heheh, manglish boleh!!

    It’s kinda annoying, but I guess saying “excuse me”, “sorry”, “thank you” isn’t what Malaysians are used to. I can say I’ve come to a point I don’t really mind actually if they do give body language or expressions that give away that they’re gonna interrupt, apologise or thank.

    But of course, in Europe, it’s a different case!! The people there, especially the British I suppose would give sarcastic remarks if you don’t say “please”, “excuse me”, “thank you” etc. Malaysia boleh.

  2. tokmoh -> i think one does get used to it but really, this is something we all can improve upon. i’ve seen a small improvement from about 5 years ago but the rate of change is sooo slow.

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