the Apartment @ the Curve

Cozy but a bit bare. That would be the simplest way to describe this place. I really like the plain white colour scheme along with natural finishes. It makes everything look and feel fresh.

I had the opportunity to try a few of their fusion food but didn’t like it that much. Prices are a wee bit on the high side so I’m not motivated to ever have really scrumptous meals here. TGIF next door would probably be a better place for that!

I’d probably return but only to organize a do with my ex-classmates, or colleagues. This place is good for this sort of events! Enjoy these…


One thought on “the Apartment @ the Curve

  1. azlano,
    that one down there looks like som tam (thais),
    think i can prepere it my self, (next upper) at home,

    but anyway we cant buy the ambience ,setting or background and its serenity, soothing the mood in neutral theme.

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